Dealing with Medical Bills from an Auto Accident: Who’s on your Side?

Mitchell Byrd, Attorney, Carolina Law Group, Greenville, SC
Mitchell Byrd, Attorney, Carolina Law Group, Greenville, SC

Getting into an automobile accident that wasn’t your fault is bad enough. But when you are also injured by the other driver’s negligence, dealing with the multitude of associated issues while also trying to physically recover from your injuries can seem like an impossible task.

Just because the accident wasn’t your fault doesn’t mean the medical bills won’t come rolling in. Plus, our clients frequently encounter problems getting their health insurance to pay for their medical bills because the health insurance company believes the at-fault driver’s car insurance company should pay. This makes sense, but car insurance companies generally refuse to pay medical bills as they are incurred (the way a health insurance company would). Rather, the car insurance company will want to reimburse medical expenses and possibly settle the case all at one time, usually when you have finished with medical treatment. Basically, the accident was not your fault and your health insurance won’t pay your bills and the at-fault car insurance company won’t even consider paying them until much, much later!

If you have health insurance, then you absolutely should try to get your bills paid. Even if some reimbursement to your health plan is necessary, that is generally still better than having outstanding, unpaid medical bills. No two cases are the same, though. Please do not hesitate to set up a free consultation to review your specific claim and the issues that you may be facing.

Dealing with a car insurance company can be anything but smooth. That’s why having an attorney who understands personal injury law can be of enormous benefit when you are injured by another driver. Having someone to help you deal with the legal side of your case, while you focus on your physical recovery, might not only benefit you financially but might also help you avoid some common problems. For example, just because the accident wasn’t your fault does not mean you can simply ignore the medical bills. Doing so could mean the involvement of collections agencies and damage to your credit. While an attorney is not going to be able to pay your bills for you, there could be some solutions available to you on the “front end” of your case that will prevent some awful problems down the road. This could be complex — but often times it can be a simple fix that makes all the difference.

Having an attorney on your side doesn’t mean everything will get fixed right away. These issues still take time. What it does mean, is that you’ll have a true ally and an advocate. And, the peace of mind that goes along with that. Navigating the aftermath of a car accident and the medical and other bills that come with it can feel completely overwhelming if you try to handle them by yourself. When we say, “Let Us Fight For You!” we don’t just mean in the Courtroom. If we need to fight in the Courtroom, then we welcome the challenge. But long before a trial is necessary, let us fight to help you get your life back on track. Call us today. 864-312-4444 in Greenville.  864-757-5555 in Greer and Spartanburg.


Mitchell Byrd received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wofford College in 2000. He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2004, where he served on the American Bar Association Real Property, Probate, and Trust Journal. He was also an active member of the University of South Carolina Moot Court Bar. Since being sworn into the South Carolina Bar in 2004, Mr. Byrd has focused on litigation, within the criminal justice system as an economics crime prosecutor for the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office and also within the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation system.

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