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It’s YOUR body that was injured — What control do YOU have over YOUR recovery?

The Carolina Law Group > Workers' Compensation  > It’s YOUR body that was injured — What control do YOU have over YOUR recovery?

It’s YOUR body that was injured — What control do YOU have over YOUR recovery?

Most people who have an injury feel empowered when it comes to their medical recovery. They find a doctor they like and get to make their own decisions about their medical treatment. But that type of freedom isn’t always available to people who have been injured on the job. And that is one of many reasons why an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that you are getting the benefits that you are entitled to when you get hurt at work.

In South Carolina, the law permits the Employer and their workers’ compensation insurance company to select YOUR doctor when you get hurt at work. Plus, an insurance adjuster is typically assigned to oversee your claim and approve the medical treatment you need. As a result, the injured workers that we routinely represent come to us with complaints of delays in treatment, delays in getting authorization for medications approved, and frustrations with being treated by a doctor that they don’t know and did not choose for themselves. The ease of having medical treatment automatically approved by a health insurance company simply vanishes because the injured worker’s only option is to go through the workers’ compensation system.

The workers’ compensation system in South Carolina is extremely complex despite being originally designed to make it easier for injured workers to get benefits. Check out our prior blog post on a recent expose of just how broken the workers’ compensation system is in general. It’s no wonder that workers who have already been physically injured feel like the system is injuring them even further. Plus, a new South Carolina Supreme Court decision issued this week reaffirmed the notion that the injured worker is not always entitled to have his or her benefits determined on their own terms. In that case, the Employer exercised their right to request a hearing and forced a decision on the final outcome of the case despite the injured worker’s argument that he should be the one to decide the time when his case was heard.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies deal with claims day in and day out. They won’t hesitate to lead you down a path ending with a minimum amount of benefits. After all, the less they spend on your case, the more money they save. With their profit margins growing despite benefits to the worker being slashed, it is more important than ever to ENSURE YOUR RIGHTS. At The Carolina Law Group, we believe that we can help ensure that you are getting proper benefits and that you are not being taken advantage of by your Employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company. Just like an insurance company, we also handle workers’ compensation claims on a day in and day out basis. It is our mission to make sure that you get the best possible result from a complicated system that could easily leave you behind.

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Mitchell Byrd received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wofford College in 2000. He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2004, where he served on the American Bar Association Real Property, Probate, and Trust Journal. He was also an active member of the University of South Carolina Moot Court Bar. Since being sworn into the South Carolina Bar in 2004, Mr. Byrd has focused on litigation, within the criminal justice system as an economics crime prosecutor for the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office and also within the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation system.

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