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What does an immigration lawyer do?

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What does an immigration lawyer do?

Monty Desai | Attorney, Greenville, SC

Monty Desai | Partner & Attorney

Immigration laws are fairly complex, and they change regularly. A skilled and experienced immigration attorney who is up to date on the latest rules and regulations is an invaluable help when you have an immigration issue to deal with. But what exactly does an immigration attorney do, and how do they help?

What Does an Immigration Lawyer Do?

Explain Your Options and Create a Plan

Immigration attorneys typically handle a large variety of immigration matters, including:

  •       Asylum
  •       Citizenship
  •       Permanent resident status (aka “green card”)
  •       Adjustment of status (AOS)
  •       Change of nonimmigrant status
  •       Deportation/removal proceedings
  •       Family visa matters
  •       Visa extension
  •       Overseas consular processing
  •       B-1/B-2 Visa – Visitor
  •       EB-1 Visa – Employment
  •       EB-5 Visa – Employment creation/Immigrant investor
  •       F-1 Visa – Student
  •       J-1 Visa – Visitor and intercultural exchange
  •       K-1 Visa – Fiancé(e)

When you first meet with an immigration lawyer, you may know exactly what you need help with. Or you may know that you need a visa, for example, but you’re not sure which one to apply for. An immigration attorney can explain and clarify what your options are. Then you can work out a plan together for what to do next.

Handle Paperwork

Immigration matters involve a lot of paperwork. Missing documents, incomplete documents, or even documents that are a few months out of date are all reasons your immigration matter or application could be delayed or denied. An immigration attorney will work with you to make sure that all the necessary paperwork is completed thoroughly and correctly. They’ll help you put together strong supporting documents, if needed, to go along with your application, too.

Prepare You for Interviews

Some immigration issues, including adjustment of status (for a green card) and citizenship, involve an interview with a US immigration official. This interview is important and should be taken seriously. An immigration attorney can help you prepare for the interview by going over likely questions, ensuring you have all the paperwork you need to bring to the interview, advising on mistakes to avoid, and more. An immigration attorney can also accompany you to the interview.

Represent You in Court

If your issue requires an appearance in court, an immigration attorney can represent you. Having someone represent you can be especially helpful if English is your second language.

Help You Avoid Mistakes

Applications for visas, AOS, permanent resident status, citizenship, and more can be delayed or rejected for a number of reasons. Incomplete or incorrect documentation, fraud or misrepresentation (intentional or unintentional), inadequate preparation for an interview, and missed deadlines are just a few common reasons. By working with an experienced immigration attorney throughout the process, you can avoid common mistakes that are more likely to occur if you do everything on your own.

Solve Problems

Some immigration issues are fairly straightforward. Others, such as overstaying a visa or committing fraud, are more complex and carry more serious consequences. If you or a family member is facing a complex immigration issue, it’s imperative to work with a skilled and experienced immigration attorney who can help you navigate the system.

Schedule a Consultation with the Immigration Attorneys at The Carolina Law Group

The immigration lawyers at The Carolina Law Group are here to help individuals, families, and businesses in South Carolina with a wide range of immigration matters. We take a tenacious and solutions-oriented approach to solve problems, avoid mistakes, and get the best possible outcome for our clients. Call us today at one of the numbers below to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation. Bilingual members on our team speak Spanish.

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Monty D. Desai came to the United States on Christmas Eve, 1988. After high school he joined the service in order to earn money for college. Monty would go on to earn a letter of commendation as a Navy Corpsman for the Marine Corps. After his service, Monty completed his undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina. From there, Monty went on to attend Thomas M. Cooley Law School on full scholarship, where he earned his Juris Doctorate. Following graduation from law school, Monty served as prosecutor with Greenville County Solicitor’s Office, and also worked as a a adjunct professor in the Criminal Justice Division at Greenville Technical College. In 2015 Monty was recognized by the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys as ranked among the Top 10 Under 40 for excellence in the field of personal injury.

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