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Revised Settlements Page

The Carolina Law Group > Revised Settlements Page

Legal Disclaimer: These figures are not meant to create any expectation whatsoever. Any result herein for one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. All cases and facts are different.


2016-2017 Settlements

$750,000 – Breach of Fiduciary Duty.

After client’s husband passed away she discovered the surviving trustees had failed to properly execute and manage the trust.

$557,500 – Truck Accident.

A distracted truck driver ran a red light striking our client’s vehicle.

$375,000 – Motorcycle Accident.

Client was struck by careless driver resulting in severe injuries.

$265,000 – Medical Malpractice.

Hospital staff failed to properly transfer client in surgery resulting serious injury.

$230,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident.

Defendant driver ran a red light seriously injuring our client.

$225,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident.

Client was t-boned by Defendant driver.

$215,000 – Slip and Fall.

Client recovered on a premises liability action after suffering injuries due from a fall on Defendant’s premises caused by Defendant’s negligence.

$150,000 – Civil Rights.

Represented family of incarcerated inmate who committed suicide as a result of the prison’s failure to protect him.

$140,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident.

Defendant driver ran a red light striking our client’s vehicle.

$114,946.63 – Motor Vehicle Accident.

Client was rear-ended by reckless driver.

$100,000 – Vehicle vs. Bicycle.

Our client was injured while riding on a bicycle when a distracted driver pulled out in front of him.

$100,000 – Hit-and-Run on Pedestrian.

Recovered uninsured motorists limits.

$85,000 – Construction Liability.

Homeowner client’s daughter was injured by improperly installed door.

$75,000 – Dog Bite.

Client was victim of unprovoked dog attack resulting in hospitalization.


Worker’s Compensation Settlements


Claimant fell 26 feet from a ladder and landed on his back.


Slipped on chemicals that were on the step and foot slipped sideways.


Claimant slipped off of a bobcat and hurt his back and both knees.


He was cleaning and moved an electric pallet jack because it was in the way and the machine squashed him against an iron bar.


Claimant fell in the parking lot during snow.


Dye mixture that was over 210 degrees spilled on claimant’s legs.


Machine fell on him and crushed him to death.


Fell from a roof and landed on his head. He died from head trauma.


Picked up marble slab, the slab broke and pulled him down hurting his back.


Claimant fell four feet off a truck and landed on his right side.

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