How Am I Compensated for an Injury?

How Am I Compensated for an Injury?

Construction Worker - Workers Compensation LawAs an injured worker, you are required to seek compensation for an illness or injury you sustained on the job through the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation program.

The amount and type of compensation you receive depends on the severity of your illness or injury and how strongly you’ve made your case to the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. If you miss seven days of work, you should receive immediate medical treatment and financial compensation for lost wages at a reduced rate of two-thirds of your typical wages. If the period of your disability is longer than fourteen days, you’re eligible to receive compensation dating back to the date of the injury itself. By law, the maximum compensation you can receive totals five hundred weeks.

Worker’s Compensation is a highly regulated, specific area of the law, and the information above is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more, we will be happy to explain your workers’ compensation rights and benefits.

Contact us at The Carolina Law Group, LLC as soon as possible. It’s critical that you seek a reliable attorney who can help you protect your rights and ensure that you are meeting the strict deadlines for filing. We offer a free initial consultation, so call to schedule yours today.

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