Six Reasons to Work With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Mitchell Byrd, Attorney, Carolina Law Group, Greenville, SC
Mitchell K. Byrd, Jr. | Attorney

While you have a right to represent yourself in your workers’ compensation claim, there are several good reasons to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Here are six of them.

  1. A workers’ comp attorney has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the system.

For many people injured on the job and submitting a claim, it’s the first and only time they will ever deal with the workers’ comp system. Experienced attorneys, on the other hand, have been through the process many times and know what to expect. They’ll help you navigate the system from start to finish and prepare you every step of the way.

  1. A workers’ comp attorney will help you avoid mistakes.

The law is complex and filing a successful claim has many stages, forms, procedures, time limits, and nuances that aren’t immediately obvious. Making a mistake that destroys a case is all too easy when you DIY, and by the time that mistake is discovered, it’s often too late to correct. A workers’ comp attorney can help avoid these costly mistakes in the first place.

  1. A workers’ comp attorney will help you determine if you have a claim.

If you’re not sure about whether a claim is worth proceeding with, it’s smart to speak with an attorney who can advise you. At The Carolina Law Group, we offer a free consultation for this very reason.

  1. A workers’ comp attorney will help you build a strong case.

Your attorney can help you gather the evidence you need to make the strongest case possible for your claim. They’ll also advise you of your rights and what you should and shouldn’t do during the claims process.

  1. A workers’ comp attorney can help if your claim is denied.

South Carolina has an appeals system in place if your claim is initially denied. A workers’ compensation attorney is invaluable at this stage, as the need for building a convincing case is even more imperative during the appeals process. If you submitted a claim on your own and were denied, contact us right away so we can determine whether we can increase your chances of success in the appeals process.

  1. A workers’ comp attorney can help you with a third party lawsuit.

Workers’ Compensation is the state-run system that was created to help employees get just compensation when injured in the workplace, no matter whose fault the injury was, and to avoid expensive and time consuming lawsuits. In the vast majority of cases, it’s the only way to get compensation for a work injury.

However, if an injury occurs because of third-party negligence – for example, a faulty piece of machinery injures you – you may be able to bring a separate lawsuit against the machine manufacturer. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine whether such a suit is legitimate and possibly help you proceed with it. At The Carolina Law Group, we frequently review workers’ compensation claims to determine if a third party (someone other than the employer and the employee) could be responsible for your injuries.

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Mitchell Byrd received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wofford College in 2000. He graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2004, where he served on the American Bar Association Real Property, Probate, and Trust Journal. He was also an active member of the University of South Carolina Moot Court Bar. Since being sworn into the South Carolina Bar in 2004, Mr. Byrd has focused on litigation, within the criminal justice system as an economics crime prosecutor for the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office and also within the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation system.

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